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Pupillage Components

Pupillage comprises of three components namely:

  • Mentoring of the candidate by a practicing advocate with three or more years practice or three years practice in the aggregate over the preceding four years. (Legally Law provides support in obtaining mentors for candidates that need to complete pupillage.)
  • Structured Coursework accredited by the LPC. (Legally Law provides the structured coursework training as prescribed by the LPC.)
  • National LPC examinations written bi-annually. (The LPC is the only authorised institution that administers the national examinations for legal practitioners.)


The mentor and the candidate must be engaged with a signed Practical Vocational Training (PVT) Contract registered with the Legal Practice Council (LPC). See Regulation 7 of GG 41879 dated 31 August 2018.

Candidates that are admitted and only doing the structured coursework training for personal development does not need a mentor with a registered PVT contract.

Structured Coursework

The LPC prescribes that a candidate do standardised compulsory structured coursework . See Regulation 7 of GG 41879 dated 31 August 2018.

The LPC further prescribes the content of the structured coursework to be successfully completed by the candidate. See GG 43192 dated 3 April 2020.

Structured coursework is not compulsory for admitted advocates, however may be done for personal development.

LPC National Examinations

Usually in March and September of each year. Only candidates that have successfully completed a structured coursework program and and are engaged with a mentor and are in possession of a PVT contract may write the national examinations administered by the LPC. All the examinations must be written in the first attempt and failed examinations may be re-written as prescribed by the LPC.

Further enquiries on pupillage requirements

Please contact us if you have further enquiries in this regard.