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Opt for us and experience the modern era of legal training, where you can now pursue legal education from the comfort of your own home. You can access our expert instructors, industry recognition, and flexible learning options, making legal excellence more accessible than ever.

We offer a comprehensive range of legal training programs, including structured and advanced courses. Our accredited, expert-led courses empower individuals with essential legal skills and knowledge, preparing them for successful careers in the legal profession.

We deliver our legal training through a versatile blend of in-depth online content and engaging contact sessions, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for our students. Our expert instructors use a dynamic teaching methodology to provide a rich and effective learning experience.

Our legal training programs open the door to fulfilling legal careers, career advancement, and personal growth. By acquiring the skills and knowledge we offer, you can transform your life, and make a lasting impact in the legal field and your communities.

Adv LG Marx

Meet the team

Adv LG Marx

Advocate Lionel G Marx


Lecturer & Examiner -
Ethics for Legal Practitioners

Lecturer - Introduction to Cyber Law, E-Commerce & ECT Act

Advocate Marx brings a wealth of experience to the table, having served as an Admitted Advocate with expertise in trust account matters, and is also a qualified mediator.

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Mrs Alicia Basson

Registrar & Head of Administration

Overseeing and managing the registration process for students, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding experience.

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Advocate Gert Ferris


Advocate Gert Ferris is a seasoned lecturer specializing in contracts, family, and labor law.

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Advocate Izak Herbst

Lecturer - Criminal Court Practice & Trial Advocacy

Advocate Izak Herbst is a distinguished lecturer with a focus on Trusts, Wills, and Estates, Unlawful Arrest and Detention, Bail and Habeas Corpus Applications, Divorces, Taxation, Disciplinary Hearings, as well as Civil Claims and Sequestrations.

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Advocate Jazz Vilakazi

Lecturer - Constitutional & Customary Law

Advocate Jazz Vilakazi  is a dynamic lecturer specializing in Corporate Law, Labour Law, Commercial Law, and Family Law.

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Advocate Mark Hawyes

Lecturer - Alternative Dispute & Labour Dispute Resolution

Advocate Mark Hawyes has handled numerous disciplinary enquiries, facilitations, arbitrations and mediations in the labour sphere (private and statutory) over a 20 year plus career.

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Advocate Sean Kelly

Lecturer - Drafting Legal Documents - Pleadings & Motions, Civil Procedure & Trial Advocacy (High & Magistrate's Court)

Civil litigation in High and Magistrates Courts, specializing in National Credit Act, Urgent Applications, Evictions, Interdicts, Family Law, General Civil Practice (Motions, interlocutory, and Trials), Partnership Law, Contract Law, Delictual law, Banking, Cheque and Financial Law, Insolvency Law, and Liquidations.

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Advocate Zita Jones


Advocate Zita Jones is a respected lecturer, channeling a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm into the classroom, where a passion for legal education meets the commitment to shaping the next generation of legal minds.

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