Advanced Trial Advocacy (ATC)

Course fee
R23 000.00 (Incl. VAT)

Hours: 08h00 - 17h00
(Contact sessions)

Methods of lecturing:
In person contact

Methods of assessment: Practical assessments to test the delegate’s acquired skill

A delegate intending to enrol for the Advanced Trial Advocacy must have at a minimum have complied with the following requirements:

➢ Must have completed structured coursework for advocates or attorneys successfully (certified); or
➢ Must have completed the Advanced Drafting Course (certified); or
➢ Must have completed articles (with a registered contract at the LPC) as an attorney or pupillage as an advocate (with a registered mentor contract at the LPC) within the last 24 months; or
➢ An admitted attorney with not less than 24 months practice.
At Legally Law’s discretion.


The candidate must show at the completion of the course that he/she can:

➢ Assess the facts.

➢ Analyse the facts of the case.


The candidate must know how to:

➢ Adopt a strategy for trial - trial theory.

➢ Learn the essential difference between leading and valid questions in leading a witness


Candidates must learn to perform in a mock trial as legal representative for:

➢ The Plaintiff/Applicant

➢ The Defendant/Respondent

➢ Rotate as Plaintiff/Applicant and Defendant/Respondent between the mock trials.


Candidates must practice cross-examination in a criminal law trial:

➢ Opening statement.

➢ Examination-in-chief.

➢ Cross-examination (civil & criminal).

➢ Re-examination (to be avoided).

➢ Final argument.