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  • Any person may apply to enrol in any course subject to the criteria for registration.
  • Courses that are accredited will be indicated accordingly.
  • Students must have access to either a computer / laptop / tablet / iPad to enrol for any course applied for.
  • Students must have access to the internet with a suitable source of data to engage in the course content enrolled and registering for.
  • Please fill in this form to process you application. (PLEASE NOTE: All fields needs to be completed before submitting)

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    By registering you agree to the following: You must confirm by checking all checkboxes in order to proceed with your registration application

    - that the information supplied on this registration application is correct.

    - that the certified copy of my identity document, card or passport uploaded is a true certified copy thereof.

    - that I am off the age of 18 or older.

    - that I have the necessary authority or capacity to apply for registration with Legally Law (Pty) Ltd.

    - that I have selected the correct course and agree to the fee charged for such course.

    - that I have have access to either a computer / laptop / tablet / iPad or any other electronic device necessary to access the online portal or study material.

    - that I have access to the internet with a suitable source of data to engage in the course content enrolled and registering for.

    - that I am liable for any registration and course fees upon confirmation of my registration by Legally Law (Pty) Ltd and subsequent legal costs for recovery thereof in the event that legal action is instituted against me for recovery of such fees and costs related thereto.

    - that I am liable for the full course fee before the course commences. I also agree that in the event of my failure to make the required outstanding payment, that I will be excluded from the course for such failure to commit to the payment of the outstanding fees. I agree to pay an administrative penalty equal to R2,500.00 for Structured Coursework Training, R1,500.00 for Advanced Training Courses, and 25% of the individual Structured Coursework Training modules on cancellation or failure to pay the agreed course fee. Legally Law (Pty) Ltd will be entitled to cancel my enrolment and retain such penalty fee and refund any balance (if any) to me and to remove me from the enrolled course. Legally Law (Pty) Ltd will have the right to replace my position with another application. I agree that I will forfeit any payments made for the course upon abandonment of the course I am enrolled for after the commencement date of the course, irrespective of the elapsed timeframe from the commencement of the course as I have been considered to have commenced the course.

    - that I agree to pay the course fees total as indicated under "Course fee" above.

    - that I will be granted access the study material on the online portal once I have paid the course fees in full.

    - that I will forfeit my place allocated during the application and registration process if I have not paid any course fees or failed to pay the course fees in full.

    - that, where applicable or required by law, that I am responsible to secure my own mentor required to sign my Practical Vocational Training (PVT) contract for registration with the Legal Practice Council (LPC) and the associated costs thereto. I understand that these associated costs, inclusive of the costs associated with obtaining a mentor, are excluded from the course fees I am enrolling for. I understand that failure to secure a mentor does not transfer such responsibility or liability to Legally Law (Pty) Ltd or the associated bar utilising training on Legally Law (Pty) Ltd's platform.

    - that I have read the Privacy Policy, Website Disclaimer and Website Terms and Conditions of Use on Legally Law (Pty) Ltd's website and acknowledge the contents thereof and consider it to be binding on me as much as may be allowed in law. I also agree to peruse and make myself acquaint with the contents of the afore stated provisions from time to time as I understand it could change due to prevailing circumstances.