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The current module for practical legal training, offered Legally Law is based on training prescribed by the Legal Practice Council for advocates on a digital platform accessible to all participants all over South Africa. The participant must have his or her own obtained mentor that also is responsible for the participant's Practical Vocational Training (PVT) contract to be duly registered with the Legal Practice Council.

The PVT contract between the mentor and the participant, along with the structured course offered by Legally Law runs over a 12 month period.

Legally Law holds accreditation with the Legal Practice Council for Structured Coursework, Advanced Drafting and Trial Advocacy Legal Training. The current accreditation is valid from 2022 to 2024 and due for review in 2025. The Structured Coursework Training is a component of the prescribed Practical Vocational Training (PVT) for advocates.

Training platform service to advocate societies or organisations

Legally Law has provided and still provides a successful online presence for many participants for legal practice training that contains study materials, lectures, videos, presentations (live & recorded) and most importantly, formative and summative assessments.

Legally Law is available to provide a collaborative training platform to any society or organisation that has accreditation or simply wishes to develop their legal members skills.